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On 3rd December 2019, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Wa Municipal in the Upper West Region established a District Civil Society Platform on SDGs to coordinate the activities of CSOs in the Wa Municipal Assembly.

The District Platform was established following an inception meeting organized by the National Secretariat of the Ghana CSOs Platform on SDGs with support from WaterAid Ghana at the Blue Hill Hotel in Wa. The meeting brought together a total of sixteen (16) community based Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in the municipality.

During the inception meeting, members of the District Platform selected five Goal (SDGs 3, 4, 6, 8 and 13) to be the focus of their advocacy in the municipality. Members also elected the following six organisations to serve as the convening team for the Platform:

  1. Center for Advancing Rural Opportunities (CARO) –  Convener
  2. Capacity Enhancement and Community Support (CAPECS)
  3. Innovation for Sustainable Rural Development (ISRD)
  4. Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD
  5. Radio Mak
  6. Teen Talk Ghana

Following the establishment of the District Platform, the Conveners were introduced to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Tahiru Tssahaku Moomin and the Acting Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) Mr Mohammed Zure. The introduction was made as part of efforts to encourage and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnership on the SDGs between CSOs and the District Authorities.

The Coordinator of the Ghana CSOs Platform on SDGs – Mrs Ugonna Ukaigwe thanked the MCE for making time out of his busy schedule to meet with the delegation from civil society. She introduced the newly elected conveners and urged the authorities to keep their doors open to the conveners and members of the District Platform. The Coordinator in her speech emphasised the need for mutual accountability and urged the MCE to receive the action plans that will be prepared by the District Platform.

The Convener of the District Platform – Mr. Freeman Kanton speaking on behalf of his colleagues, noted that the Municipal Assembly is doing a lot of work in terms of implementing the SDGs citing the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Project (GSCSP) supported by the World Bank, as a project that is clearly linked to SDG 11. He encouraged the authorities to draw the linkages between the SDGs and the individual projects being implemented in the municipality so as to enhance their reporting on the Goals

Hon. Tahiru in his response welcomed the establishment of the CSOs District Platform and expressed his gratitude for the work of CSOs in the municipality. He thanked the delegation and expressed satisfaction that they will be working with CSOs. In his words: ‘Your visit has opened our eyes to a lot of things, we have been doing a lot of work but we did not really know that these initiatives are satisfying the SDGs’. Now that we have been linked with CSOs, we will work together with them as a team.’

He further expressed his satisfaction that CSOs representing various groups will be preparing an action plan which according to him can feed into the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) for the municipality. He promised that the Municipal Assembly will keep its doors open to CSOs but however appealed to CSOs to be proactive in their work and engagement with the Assembly. ‘It is when you as CSOs are satisfied that we can say that we have done our work well’, he concluded.

Pictures below:

Meeting with the MCE and Acting MCD

District Platform Members with the Team from the National Secretariat

Conveners of the District Platform with the National Coordinator

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