Governance Structure

The governing body of the CSOs platform is a 34-member National Steering Committee (SC) made up of a convener and one appointed co-convener from each of the 17 sub-platforms. The SC is chaired by a group of three co-chairpersons. The co-chairpersons are responsible for representing their sub-platform as well as facilitating operations and deliberations. The daily activities of the CSOs platform are coordinated by a coordinator with support from the co-chairpersons.

Each of the 17 sub-platforms is headed by a team of one convener and two to five co-conveners. The convening team coordinates activities and joint efforts of the sub-platforms, and also represents the sub-platforms. All conveners are national CSOs; co-conveners and members are a combination of international, national and local non-governmental organisations. All conveners, co-conveners and members are organisations with a proven track record of implementing projects and activities related to the SDGs.

The co-chairpersons are:

  1. International Child Development Programme – Mrs. Joyce Larnyoh
  2. Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition – Mrs. Beauty Emefa Nartey
  3. SEND-Ghana – Mr. George Osei-Bimpeh